Must Be the Witches in the Mountains

About the Book

Grief after suicide is unique and complicated, shrouded in mystery, shame and stigma. Many people are uncomfortable around the topic and as a result, have no idea how to help a friend or relative who has just lost someone to suicide.
Having survived her brother Jeff’s suicide, Heidi Bryan experienced firsthand the awkwardness and stigma people felt. Demonstrating that humor does have a place in grief and laughter is possible after losing someone to suicide, she shows the reader what is and what isn’t helpful to the friends and family members. Utilizing her wicked sense of humor and stories collected from other survivors of suicide loss, she has authored an irreverent guide for those people who want to help their friends who have just experienced a loss due to suicide. Short and easy to read, this book is valuable resource – and makes a great gift too! (Admit it – we all know someone who could use this book.)

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What Barbara Rubel, MS, BCETS, author, But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: Helping chidren and families after a suicide. had to say:

"It has been twenty-five years since my father’s suicide and during that time I have heard many callous and insensitive remarks in regard to the way he died. At times, I was totally stumped by the comments. I wish I had Heidi Bryan’s book, Must be the witches in the mountains, to help me deal with the insensitive statements that irritated, perplexed, and hurt me through the years. Although communication is a basic skill, after a suicide, people are simply not taught what to say. If you feel clueless as to what to say or not say to the bereaved after a suicide AND if you are bereaved by suicide and are baffled by the absurd way people offer their condolence, this witty and humorous book is for you."

What Frank Campbell, Ph.D, LCSW, CT, Senior Consultant, had to say about the book:

The comments made to those bereaved by suicide are often painful and confusing.  The long running joke among survivors in the group i facilitated for over twenty years following a sharing from a member of something said to them was, " There are not a lot of stupid in the world but they sure do get around!" Apparently they are everywhere in the world since i have been hearing hurtful statements said in countries a varied as Singapore and Northern Ireland. but here in the USA we seem to have cornered the market on such statements. Heidi Bryan has captured a litany of "what not to say to a survivor" anyone who reads this book may avoid joining that group that "really gets around" and perhaps the reader can then be someone who helps educate others on how to not put their foot in their mouth when speaking.

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